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for the sacramento forty-niners san francisco forty-niners. >>> beef it up security for the game against the detroit lions allow them to stay on top of the crowd as they look for any criminal activities. officers of the on the lookout also for ticket scalpers a lockout of players the national hockey league is in effect and could have a serious impact on businesses in the south bay. the sharks play in san jose it's a big moneymaker for a lot of businesses in the area but other sharks and other nhl teams locked out after owners and players failed to reach contract by the owners' deadline they say the lead is not thinking about everyone else. >>> the people writing up and down the street in their cars to get people to and from the game are losing out that business and i think those of the kind of things to these millionaires don't think of. >>> the shark tank holds a 17,000 fans and on game nights many come downtown early and stay late and join the restaurant and bar is they're hoping to avoid a season chilly lockout like we saw back in 2004. >>> the film maker behind the anti islamic fell that spar
the liquor stores in the u.s. this would in detroit after taxes winetasting said i'll call for parties and also pays to remove skunks from golf courses. some expenses that sounds silly are supporting small towns to provide vital services and quality of life programs to the all volunteer force. the the defense secretary agrees the budget could be slashed without sacrificing national security. >>> there is a strategic in fiscal imperative that is driving the department the smaller and leaner and more agile force and that's a reality. >>> they may take a look at research and development the defense to present more than everyone other federal agency combined $73 billion this year alone. and not all that is directly related to national security. military money help developing i-phone applications help people manage their caffeine intake. witt out to be less important in the defense of our country with a full report cannot soon into of the department of everything and shout out 85 billion defense dollars will be saved pay the state over 10 years and to 5 billion would come if the pentagon
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2